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Dux-ERP is an Integrated Management Software (IMS), developed and perfected over the years by Tunisian professionals including development engineers, testers, integrators, and more. Consequently, Dux-ERP has achieved great success in Tunisia and abroad, with many reputable companies using Dux-ERP as their primary management software in Algeria, Mauritania, and Senegal.

A high-performing, comprehensive, and easy-to-use ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) system!

Advantages of using Dux-ERP

- DUX - ERP is an integrated management software (ERP) suitable for all sectors of activity. It offers you optimal reorganization of your company's internal and external flows to ensure seamless integration and activate an effective and high-performing management system. This prevents the company from suffering from organizational errors that can have a negative impact on its finances and competitiveness.

– Thanks to its modular architecture, each module of DUX – ERP is a complete software that can be used independently. Our clients can obtain the Dux package that suits them (Express, Standard, Professional, or Enterprise), or only the module(s) they wish to use (Commercial Management Software, Accounting Software, Payroll Software, Time Management Software, etc.). With Dux – ERP, pay only for the functionalities you need.

Advantages of using Dux-ERP







Business process configuration with Dux-ERP:

Benefit from the full power of business process automation with our Dux-ERP .

No matter the size of your company or the complexity of your business process, Dux-ERP adapts perfectly to your business process.

Configurable from the integration stage

Dux-ERP effectively manages your document flow (quotes, purchase orders, delivery notes, invoices...) and all your administrative processes.

Dux-ERP document workflows

Efficient management of both simple and complex document workflows.

Multi-user functionality

Manage all Dux-ERP users with varying levels of access rights according to employee privileges and roles.

Customized document printing

Personalize the printing of any document according to the requirements of your processes, thanks to the automatic generation of documents in Dux-ERP.

Dux-ERP evolves with your workflow

If you ever want to modify the complexity of your business process for optimization purposes, Dux-ERP will follow you without any problems.

Dux-ERP Technologies

Dux-ERP is a management software designed to make your life easier, as it integrates a range of technologies on which its operation, efficiency, and innovation in optimal management of different types of businesses are based.

API - webservices

Web interface: Dux-ERP web

Mobility: Android applications

Automatic invoice entry

Optical Character Recognition (OCR) technology
Artificial Intelligence (AI) / Invoice scanning
Intelligent recognition of invoice structure (header, body, footer)
Recognition and entry of third parties, items, amounts, etc."
Modules and Functionalities


Dux Nomade (Mobile Version of Dux-ERP)

  • Addition and modification of clients, prospects, and prospecting actions.
  • Tracking of prospect lists.
  • Consultation of prospecting actions.
  • Notifications of upcoming prospecting actions.
  • Consultation of client lists.

Dux Web (Web Version of Dux-ERP)

  • It is a web interface that allows you to take advantage of all the functionalities of the Dux-ERP through your preferred internet browser, thus eliminating any usage constraints since it is possible to connect via any device or platform: PC, Smartphone, iPhone, Tablet, etc.

Modules and Functionalities