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IT Solutions


We manage the entire lifecycle of your IT project and help you achieve your business objectives, while mastering all the organizational aspects of your project.

All these years of work on various and varied projects, have allowed us to understand the context, challenges and challenges of our customers and to acquire a perfect mastery of digital projects.

Development & Integration

Maintenance (Application management)

We ensure an optimized maintenance and evolutionof your applications, a reduction of your costs and a garantee of your quality.



The quality and performance of your applications are   the primary condition for the satisfaction of your customers and your employees.


Security and confidentiality
Optimize your infrastructure without hindering your potential
Lower your costs without affecting the quality of service
Solutions adapted to the specific needs of each customer
Preferred open source solutions
Experienced team trained to the ITIL standard
Mastery of Clustering and High Availability
Mastering Virtualization (XEN, VMWare, KVM, ProxMox, ...) and the Docker Container
Mastering the cloud and ondemand models (IaaS, Paas, Saas)

Audit and consulting in system and network architecture
Installation and optimization of infrastructures: servers, UTM / firewalls, storage, switches ...
Interconnection: VPN, security, remote access, authentications
Cloud Configuration




Improving the availability of your infrastructures
Proactivity and responsiveness
Simple and understandable dashboards
Pooling the benefits when possible
Preferred open source solutions => independence Security and confidentiality Reversibility


Platform of supervision and alerting packaged by ASM using the best tools such like: NAGIOS, CACTI, iTop, GLPI, Centreon, ...
Experienced team trained to the ITIL standard Work during public holidays in Germany/France
Robustness and flexibility of our solutions


Inventory, compliance and recommendation
Deployment, patching, upgrade, evolution, backup ...
Supervision and administration systems, networks, applications
Performance analysis, trends and availability
Dashboard and status report on infrastructure activity Hotline


Notre système qualité
Leadership & engagement
Relationship Management : Customers & interested parties
SMART objectives
Continuous Quality Improvement (CQI)
Multi annual partnership with our customers
Secure Information System
Monitoring and evaluation :Dashboard/ BI of technical activities

Ensure the satisfaction of our customers and our interested parties
Ensure the economic success : profitability of ASM
Improve the quality of our services and deliverables
Anticipate, prevent and reduce risks
Effective management of noncompliance: detection, implementation of preventive

Ceaseless reporting
Weekly follow-up
Effective documentary system: specific documentary space for each project with maintained update
Insured continuous service and low turnover rate
Continuing vocational training | Partnership with publishers
Reversibility of information | Continious integration platform
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